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Parade’s End Captures

I’ve added screen captures of Adelaide from Parade’s End into the gallery. More captures from the HBO mini series are on the way. Parade’s End (2012) > 1×01 Captures Parade’s End (2012) > 1×02 Captures Parade’s End (2012) > 1×03 Captures


Hey guys, I’ve added the following photo shoots into the gallery. Set 21 Set 22 Set 23 Set 24


The following images of Adelaide have been added to the gallery. Public Events > 2011 > The Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift – Day 3 Public Events > 2011 > Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Night Kick Off Party Public Events > 2011 > Vampire Cast And Crew Dinner Party – 2011 Park City Public Events > 2011 > Vampire Premiere

No One Lives

Hey guys, screen captures of Adelaide from No One Lives are now in the gallery. No One Lives (2012) > Screen Captures

New Movie “Rabbit”

Adelaide Clemens Heads Down the Rabbit Hole Posted on September 12, 2016 by John Squires Luke Shanahan’s dark thriller Rabbit began filming today, though not with the originally announced lead star. Around this time last year it was reported that Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road) was cast as the lead, but today we’ve got an update in the form

Gallery Updates

The gallery has been updated with the following images: Movies > Wasted on the Young (2010) > Posters Movies > Wasted on the Young (2010) > Stills Set 18 Set 19 Set 20 Movies > Night of the Lotus (2016) > Stills

Adelaide at Sundance

Adelaide had recently attend a conference for her show Rectify. Photos from the event are now in the gallery. Public Events > 2016 > SundanceTV TCA Panel For ‘Rectify’ Set 17

Gallery Updates

Hey guys I’ve uploaded the following into the gallery: Public Events > 2016 > Hold On To Me Darling Opening Night Public Events > 2016 > ‘Hold On To Me Darling’ Opening Night – Curtain Call Public Events > 2007 > AFI Awards Public Events > 2010 > Wasted On The Young Premiere – 2010 Toronto International Film Festival

Gallery Updates

The gallery has been updated with the following: Set 13 Set 14 Set 15 Set 16

Gallery Updates

The following has been added to the gallery: Set 09 Set 10 Set 11 Set 12 Movies > Generation Um… (2012) > Posters Movies > Generation Um… (2012) > Stills